About XP Ministries

Vision Statement:

Advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth through love, faith and power.

Values, Gifting, and Vision

Christian Services Association (CSA), a non-profit society, was founded in Canada in 1973 and in the USA in 1984. It is the parent ministry of XP Ministries, a 501-C3 founded in 2004 in Arizona. CSA/XP Ministries is located in Maricopa, AZ and Kelowna, B.C.  Patricia King, (President) along with numerous team members equip the Body of Christ in the Gifts of the Spirit, prophetic ministry, intercession, and evangelism. CSA/XP Ministries is called to spreading the gospel through media.

FUNDING: Donations from those who desire to partner with and support the program is the means by which CSA/XP Ministries is funded. Tax Deductible receipts will be given at the end of the year to those who desire to support the program in this manner. If you wish to donate now, click here.

Accountability Structure

Patricia King is surrounded by multiple teams of accountability who watch over issues of morality, finances, spiritual devotion, relationships, business, legalities, and doctrine. Integrity of character is a high value in Patricia’s life.

Morality; relationships; spiritual devotion – personal accountability team; local church leadership; apostolic network team; personal advisory team.

Business; finance; legalities – board of directors; bookkeepers; accountants; team of lawyers; business advisors.

Doctrine – personal accountability team; advisory team; local church leadership; apostolic network team.

XPwebchurch Accountability – XPwebchurch is under the apostolic covering of Encounter’s Network with James Goll, based in Nashville, TN and is under the advisory counsel of the apostolic leaders in Canada: Wesley and Stacey Campbell.

Apostolic Advisory Team

Patricia believes not only in accountability and covering within our organization, but also outside of it. As part of her covering, she is in relationship with both a North American and European advisory panel of respected leaders, prophets, theologians and apostles. These include:

Apostolic Covering:

Che Ahn
Wesley and Stacey Campbell
James Goll
Bill Johnson
Randy Clark

Canadian Advisors:

John Arnott
Mary Audrey Raycroft

UK and Europe:

Trevor and Sharon Baker
Walter and Irene Heidenreich

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