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Shiloh Tents

“Then the whole congregation of the sons of Israel assembled themselves at Shiloh, and set up the tent of meeting there…”  Joshua 18:1


With the inauguration of Shiloh Fellowship, a weekly assembly meeting in Maricopa, Arizona, we have also become aware of a number of individuals and groups who want to participate in the quality worship, teaching and prophetic ministry that will be available through the live webstream of our gatherings, and archived for future viewing.

Levels of Relationship

We encourage anyone to connect with us, either individually or as a group, via the free weekly webstream. It is our joy to provide this resource to the global Body of Christ. We want everybody to spread the word and come to the banquet.

We are also aware that there are those who would like to connect and relate to Patricia King and the Shiloh Apostolic Team in a more defined and recognized way. We place a high value on relationship and believe the Scriptures exhort us to do so. In Ephesians 2:19-21, Paul the apostle stated that we are no longer alienated, but rather fellow citizens with the saints; that we are being “fitted together” and “built together” into a dwelling of God. To be “related” simply means we are “connected” by relationship with one another. Later in his letter Paul goes on to say we are to “Grow up in all aspects into… Christ… from whom the whole body, being fitted and held together by that which every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” (Eph.4:15,16).

To facilitate that purpose, we are forming “Shiloh Tents.” Shiloh is the place where they pitched the Tent of Meeting. Shiloh Tents are where you will “pitch a tent,” or in other words, house churches that are hosted in people’s homes to participate in the weekly webcast, minister one to another, and build relationship as the family of God. These groups typically gather weekly to watch the live or archived weekly meetings, adhere to the vision and values of Shiloh Fellowship, provide for prayer and ministry one to another, and offer the opportunity to financially sow into the Shiloh Tent global network.

Shiloh Tent Hosts & Shiloh Tent Associates

Those who host tent meetings are being called Shiloh Tent Hosts or Shiloh Tent Associates, and will serve as a relational connecting point between the group and the Shiloh Apostolic Team.

Shiloh Tent Hosts

Hosts are those who form Shiloh Tent Meetings exclusively for the purpose of gathering around the weekly webcast and are an extension of Shiloh Fellowship’s global congregation. In such case, the hosts will open their home to those who desire to gather. They will offer hospitality, fellowship, prayer, and receive offerings that will be mailed in one packet to the XP Ministry office. (If the hosts are outside of the USA or Canada, they will encourage their people to give online).The offerings will go to the overall support, vision and purposes of XP Ministries/Shiloh Fellowship and should include a minimum of $30 per month for administration costs. The hosts will also fill out a weekly report of their meeting that includes any praise reports from the group.

The Tent Host will relate to the apostolic team for accountability as well as nurture, empowerment, relationship, covering, and accountability as their overseers.

Shiloh Tent Associates

Associates are those who already have an existing ministry and are hosting Shiloh Tents as part of their ministry. In this case, the responsibilities will be the same as the Tent Hosts, but the offerings will be received for the associate ministry with a tithe of it being sent to XP Ministries for the overall support, vision and purposes of XP Ministries/Shiloh Fellowship and should include a minimum of $30 per month for administration costs.

The Tent Associate will relate to the apostolic team for nurture, empowerment, relationship and accountability pertaining to their involvement with Shiloh Tent meetings.

Shiloh Tent Pastors

Shiloh Tent Hosts and Associates may eventually become candidates for ordination as credentialed Ministers of the Gospel under Christian Services Association/XP Ministries. (more info will be available pertaining to this in the future)

Overview of Responsibilities of Shiloh Tent Hosts and Associates:

  • Facilitator of weekly meetings for the webcasts.
  • Adherence to the vision and values of Shiloh Fellowship
  • Send weekly synopsis of their meetings. (preferably via weekly email)
  • Receive and send offerings to XP Ministries

To fill out a Shiloh Tent Host Application, click here.